Blackmailed – Stepson Blackmails Cheating Wife Lexi

Stepson Blackmails Cheating Wife Lexi

Blackmailed – Stepson Blackmails Cheating Wife Lexi

Busty brunette Lexi Luna is a stay-at-home wife that loves living lavishly on her husband’s dime. The impetuous beauty enjoys a life loaded with luxurious shopping sprees, and she even cheats on her husband with younger studs. When it comes to slacker stepson Robby Echo, Lexi puts on an act, constantly nagging him about lying on the couch all day. As he prepares for a job interview set up by his father, Robby walks by Lexi’s bedroom and eavesdrops: He hears his stepmother setting up a date with another guy! Afterwards, Robby constructs a plan to catch her red-handed and red-faced in the heat of passion… When Lexi and her boy-toy are making out on the couch, Robby sneaks in with his cellphone and snaps photos. He then confronts the hypocritical slut, staring at her naked knockers and rudely commenting, “Now I see why my father married you.” Desperate and nearly hopeless, Lexi covers herself up and tries to negotiate with Robby to get herself out of deep trouble. That’s when Robby demands sexual favors from Lexi in exchange for keeping her secret. Lexi comprehends that she’s being blackmailed by her creepy stepson … and that she has no choice but to comply with his sick, taboo demands! With her massive breasts on display, Lexi kneels before Robby, slurping his thick rod even as they continue bickering. She gags and gurgles while sucking cock, slobbering over his meat throughout. Robbie grips her by the hair and smacks her round rump. He eats Lexi’s wet cunt as she moans lustfully. Nasty Lexi fondles her slit as the blackmailer slam-fucks her bald cunt. The wayward wife realizes that she’s enjoying her lewd encounter with her stepson. This crude family affair features hard cock riding and intense fucking, until compliant Lexi props up her tits for the climax. She begs Robbie not to cum on her face, saying that’s only for his father. But Robbie ignores her, firing a hot load of spunk onto Lexi’s pretty kisser. Offended, she exclaims, “God damn it, Robbie!”

Blackmailed – Secretary’s Blackmailed Office Fuck

Secretary’s Blackmailed Office Fuck

Secretary’s Blackmailed Office Fuck Sassy, super-stacked secretary August Taylor seems like the kind that would do anything to get ahead. The buxom beauty loves showing off her curvaceous body in the office, clearly catching the attention of supervisor Charles Dera. Intrigued by her blatant flirting, the gutsy stud asks her out on a date, but August declines, saying they should keep their relationship professional. However, Charles is clued in to August’s aspirations to work her way up in the company, using her looks to advance her career. He sets out to determine just how far she’s willing to go for a promotion. The ambitious cock tease keeps resorting to her old tricks: Charles finds her waiting at his desk, dressed to the nines in a revealing top and heels. When August bends over, he tries to lift up her tight skirt. As if she’s appalled and enraged, the vixen calls him out for being a pervert, but Charles is quick to respond. Now that he’s privy to her cunning ways, he confronts her: Charles blackmails August, saying that he’ll report her to human resources unless she agrees to a steamy fuck session! At first, August refuses his offer, but when the opportunistic creep proves that he means business, she has no choice but to accept. August wraps her plump lips around Charles’ prick, slobbering over her massive breasts as she sucks hard meat. She whimpers when Charles’ dick penetrates her tight pussy. But her lust betrays her, and August kisses him passionately as he pummels her wet cunt. This heated workplace “fraternization” features slick titty fucking and wild cock riding, with August opening up and revealing how slutty she can really be. Finally, Charles sprays a thick wad of cum over August’s face. Slathered in hot cream, the upwardly mobile secretary says, “So, you’re going to put in that recommendation for me, right?” Charles replies with authority: “Absolutely.”

Blackmailed – Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela

Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela

Blackmailed By Big Boob Cheater Angela Sexy, naturally stacked Angela White was delighted when Jessy Jones and his wife, Jaclyn, moved into town. Since most people in their neighborhood are older, Angela embraced the chance to socialize and spend time with some people her own age. And so she has been able to forge a close friendship with the loving couple. But Angela has a dark side, and lately her evil impulses have taken precedence over her pretense of friendship. What started with simple flirting escalated, and before long, Jessy and Angela found themselves in an adulterous relationship. A few weeks into their affair, Jessy regrets cheating on his wife and tries to break it off, but Angela doesn’t give in that easily. Besides, he isn’t aware of the incriminating photos in Angela’s possession. Jessy comes home from to an ominous sight: the conniving beauty is talking with Jaclyn in the kitchen. When she gets a moment with Jessy, Angela clandestinely shows him the pictures. With Jaclyn in the next room, scheming slut Angela blackmails the married stud, saying that she’ll expose his indiscretions if they can’t continue their fling! Feeling he has no choice, Jessy lets Angela suck his cock as Jaclyn watches TV nearby. Then an unexpected family situation comes up, and Jaclyn must leave Angela and Jessy alone. As Jessy plows her wet cunt, dirty-talking Angela whimpers with every thrust. She sucks her juice from his boner pussy-to-mouth, and he swaddles his thick prick in her massive jugs for a titty fuck. Angela fondles her clit as Jessy drills her; Jessy chokes her as he fucks her bald pussy, driving the oversexed freak to intense orgasms. The depraved tryst features nasty anal rimming, sloppy fellatio and a massive cum facial. But Jaclyn returns as the wicked vixen slurps up Jessy’s semen, and devious Angela says, “I want her to see me like this… then I can have that cock anytime I like!”

Quinn Wilde – Slutty Sister Blackmailed Into More Sin

[Blackmailed] Quinn Wilde – Slutty Sister Blackmailed Into More Sin

Quinn Wilde is a busty, impulsive cutie that gets her kicks showing off for men. Recently, the tight-bodied babe had a fling with a guy who often filmed them having sex. But much to Quinn’s chagrin, one of the videos is now circulating the Internet! Crazy Quinn’s sister is quite the opposite — Nickey is a strait-laced, model student deeply in love with her long-term boyfriend, Xander Corvus. On multiple occasions, Quinn has caught Xander checking her out, even taunting with intimate stares. Lately, Xander has seemed even more flirtatious whenever Nickey isn’t around, causing dark-haired Quinn to question his motives. His attitude has led Quinn to suspect that he might know about the illicit sex tape! Fearful of exactly what Xander might know, Quinn desperately confronts him, hoping that if he’s made a copy of the forbidden video, he’ll simply destroy the evidence. Sure enough, he admits to having a copy … but shockingly, the creepy stud uses Quinn’s indiscretion as leverage to blackmail her into sucking his cock! With her beloved, conservative sister only a few feet away, panicking Quinn agrees to Xander’s vile demands, kneeling before him submissively. While Nickey cleans the kitchen, Xander ferociously fucks Quinn’s face, making slobber drip down her chest. She gags as he relentlessly reams her throat, and cruel Xander heckles her, saying, “I saw you do this in the video!” Xander demands more: a risky fuck! He slams Quinn’s quim in standing position. The nasty fuckers both talk dirty — Quinn realizes she’s taking kinky pleasure in the depraved affair. The cheating couple narrowly evades Nickey until she departs, leaving them to an intense fuck session on the couch. Xander chokes and smacks Quinn as he pummels her pussy, and he spits into her mouth as she blows his cock. Their perverse tryst includes sloppy titty fucking and serious pussy pounding. Finally, Xander sprays a massive load of cum on Quinn’s pretty face. Drenched in semen, the filthy slut gazes up at Xander, giggling, “I like fucking my sister’s boyfriend!”

Embezzler Kleios Blackmailed Buttfuck

Busty, tattooed blonde Kleio Valentien is in desperate need of a loan to cover up for her foolish behavior. The wealthy wife has been embezzling money from clients — her own and her husband’s — and it seems the victims are beginning to notice. At wit’s end trying to figure out how to evade discovery, shame and incarceration, the distressed beauty calls upon colleague Bill Bailey for assistance. Dumbfounded by Kleio’s seemingly ludicrous request, Bill realizes something’s amiss. When Kleio admits that her husband would be devastated to discover that she’s begging for a handout, Bill puts the pieces together. Glam, striking Kleio is a woman he’s always dreamed of fucking, and he senses a weakness. An opportunity! Bill asks how much money she needs to get out of her predicament, knowing that he has the upper hand. Finally, the sinister stud presents Kleio with an unexpected ultimatum: Let him sodomize her, or be exposed! It’s basic blackmail: If she wants to get her ass out of this jam, she’ll have to let him jam her ass! Knowing how desperate her situation is, the gorgeous but vulnerable thief takes the bait, mentioning that her husband can never find out about the embezzlement … or the cheating. Nervous Kleio gives the creepy extortionist a sloppy blowjob. As he fucks her face, Bill continues reminding her that she has to satisfy him in order to get her loan. Bill smacks her massive tits and hammers her furry twat, and then sticks his fingers in her butthole to stretch her out for a harsh buttfuck. The slutty criminal is soon enjoying herself, shamelessly begging her blackmailer to pound her harder! Kleio sucks Bill’s long, stiff cock ass-to-mouth amid intense anal drilling, and she fingers her wet cunt while riding his rod. For the finale, Kleio’s hung, opportunistic business colleague gives her one last surprise, covering her beautiful face in sperm. In disbelief, Kleio tells him how wrong it was. Bill simply ignores the blackmailed slut and leaves the room.