Fake Driving School – Big boobed Hungarian creampied

Big boobed Hungarian creampied

Big boobed Hungarian creampied Anissa Jolie had come from Hungary to the UK for school, so she signed up for driving lessons with Fake Driving School so she could get a British license and drive to school. Anissa told me she was familiar with manual cars, but just needed to learn how to drive on the other side of the road. I gave her a quick refresher course about the pedals, clutch, and steering wheel, then Anissa got into the driver’s seat so she could attempt to drive ten feet. I had asked her multiple times if she knew how to drive manual, but she finally admitted she only drove automatic. I was very frustrated and took her back to the testing center, where she asked me for more lessons. When I asked her how she would pay, she took out her big tits! As I felt her pierced nipples, she took down her pants and let me finger her. Horny, she gave me a blowjob, then rode my cock until I came on her pussy!

Fake Driving School – Hot lonely Russian fucked to orgasm

Hot lonely Russian fucked to orgasm

Hot lonely Russian fucked to orgasm My new Russian student Gina Gerson had seen the FDS tutorials online, so she signed up to get her lessons. Gina wanted to drive an automatic car, and had no idea what a clutch or gearshift was. We couldn’t do much in the car, and she didn’t like me checking the football scores, so I brought her back to the testing center to go over the basics. As I was explaining, Gina interrupted me to tell me she had no friends in the UK and was feeling lonely. She asked me if I liked her as a woman, then kissed me! I gave her a proper welcome to the UK by fingering her fast and eating her pussy, then Gina bounced her ass up and down on my cock and let me cum on her face!

Sasha Steele – Instructor gets the full treatment

[FakeDrivingSchool] Sasha Steele – Instructor gets the full treatment

It was Sasha Steele’s first lesson in the Mean Orange Machine, and I gave her a warm FDS welcome. Sasha was excited for her first driving lesson, telling me how she had been watching my tutorials online in anticipation. I figured we would be able to at least get her to move a good distance in first gear, but as she started to drive, she really seemed like she knew what she was doing. Turns out Sasha had a full driver’s license, and had signed up for a lesson after seeing some of the naughtier videos of me online. She reached over and grabbed my cock, then starting blowing me in the front seat, rushing to pull her big tits out of her bra and drop her panties so I could smack her big arse. I came all over Sasha’s pussy, so I guess she got what she wanted from FDS!

Alessa Savage – Hard sex and creampie on 2nd lesson

[FakeDrivingSchool] Alessa Savage – Hard sex and creampie on 2nd lesson

Today I taught one of the most bizarre lessons in the history of Fake Driving School. It was Alessa’s second lesson in the Mean Orange Machine, but she insisted she didn’t remember me, or even remember ever having a driving lesson. Last lesson Alessa had pretended she could drive even though she had no clue, so I was very apprehensive about letting her into the driver’s seat. I brought her back to the testing center and that jogged her memory: she remembered my penis and fingers inside her at the same time. Soon enough she was blowing me, and bouncing her arse up and down on my cock. If she remembers me next time, maybe I’ll teach her some driving…but probably not.

Sex party warm up for local swinger

Fake Driving School – Princess Paris Sex party warm up for local swinger

Princess Paris was my student today, and she was on time, which was a nice change from the tardiness of recent learners. Paris had been doing quite well, and seemed like she was ready to take her test, but for some strange reason she was driving like a complete rookie during this lesson. She almost drove over a kerb, and performed a lackluster emergency stop. I asked her what was wrong, and Paris told me she had recently broken up with her boyfriend. She was supposed to go to a swinger’s party, but couldn’t go alone. I’d never been to one of those parties, so she showed me how it was done: she got her tits out and gave me a blowjob! I smacked her arse and left a handprint while we fucked in the Mean Orange Machine, then I gave her a facial.

Lesson ends with hot tight anal sex

FakeDrivingSchool – Skyler Mckay Lesson ends with hot tight anal sex

It was a cold and rainy day, not ideal for a first timer, but FDS takes no days off while there are eager to learn students like Skyler McKay! Skyler was a Scottish lass who had just broken up with her ex. In order to achieve a measure of independence , she wanted to get her license, since her boyfriend had previously done all the driving. As a complete beginner, I showed her the pedals and clutch, and was hoping she could drive five feet. She couldn’t. Skyler was too flustered and nervous, so to calm her down we started to make out. I played with her fake tits, then she deepthroated my cock. She had a tight pussy, but I was even happier when she let me fuck her ass. I creampied her asshole, and she seemed a lot less stressed afterwards!

Return of Estella the car crasher

Fake Driving School – Estella Bathory Return of Estella the car crasher

I wasn’t supposed to teach this morning, but Max called in sick after a night of partying. I wasn’t too happy to be forced to teach on a Sunday morning, but as Head Instructor of FDS, it was my job to cover. Imagine my surprise then, when Estella Bathory , the car crasher herself, got into the Mean Orange Machine! I had told her driving wasn’t for her, but she wanted to get her license so she could drive to her boyfriend’s house. She apologized profusely, then started playing with her pussy, and out of the goodness of my heart I forgave her. I sucked Estella’s big tits while she fingered herself, then turned her over, smacked her ass, and fucked her hard. We got the car real steamed up, then she made me cum with a tit-fuck!

Back seat fuck for infatuated minx

Fake Driving School – Myla Elyse Back seat fuck for infatuated minx

It was strange that Myla Elyse already knew my name when she got into the Mean Orange Machine. She was very intense, telling me I had a good reputation, and how she had been waiting for this for months. Myla had six lessons with other instructors, but never actually got behind the wheel. I was confused, so Myla explained she had fucked six other instructors in order to prepare for me! She was obsessed, clearly, and had even gotten my name tattooed on her back! Before I knew it, Myla had taken out my cock and was giving me a blowjob. She quickly pulled out her tiny tits, and I smacked her nice arse, then fucked her all over the car!